Hebrew domains now available
Now you can also register your favorite domain name in Hebrew letters !

Whether you represent an individual, a company or any other entity, the domain name is an important part of your identity on the Internet. Therefore it is essential to register your domain name in Hebrew in parallel with a registration of the domain name in the latin letters.

Domains in Hebrew allow an easy and intuitive access to your website, and proven to increasing its ranking in the search engine, e.g Google.

Currently it is possible to register Hebrew domains only under the TLDs of com or net e.g .com דומיין .netדומיין . In the future, there will be a Hebrew TLD , so all the domain including its suffix will be written in Hebrew.

The possibility to register your name in Hebrew letters give you the security required to protect your trade mark, brand name and your Internet identity.

How it works :

A registration of a Hebrew domain or domain in any other “non-latin” letters, is based on the Standard of IDN – International domain name. During the registration process, the domain in Hebrew is converted and represented by a latin code version starting with “xn—“ followed by an encoded string. For your convenience, below is a simple conversion tool.

The new browsers as Internet Explorer 7 or FireFox , fully support IDN, where the older ones require sometimes a download of a plug in which can be found at : http://idn.verisign-grs.com/index.jsp?lang=he

So why do you really need a domain in Hebrew :

  • Ranking in Google - It is proven that one of the main factors in increasing your ranking is the correlation between the domain name and the website content and its keywords, so if your website content is in Hebrew , it is essential to have the domain in Hebrew as well.

    It is better to register the Hebrew domain in addition to the latin one, and forward the Hebrew domain to the latin one, or create a separate small website with a few text pages linking to the main website. The domain forwarding can be easily performed using our domain management panel, and a “starter” package attached to a domain is provided free.

  • Protect your identity - By registering your Hebrew domain you protect better your identity on the Internet and secure it from being caught by others.

  • Direct and intuitive access to your website. People can now directly type your domain name with no mistakes and intuitively.

רשמו עכשיו !


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